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What is musicianship?

Musicianship is a term for ear training, aural skills, and some performance skills to rendering musical elements. Please check out our companion site for an in depth explanation of the terms musicianship, aural skills, sight singing and ear-trainning.

MyMusicianship builds all the skills needed to sight sing. You can explore without logging in by hitting on the icon in the banner, or the the "how to..." page under the icon in the banner.

Swipe left/right to move between lesson and exercise material. The full lesson table of contents can be accessed by the ‘lessons’ tab under the icon in the banner.

Lavender placement/proficiency tests end every unit.

Student work is documented in benchmark records and weekly logs. Click ‘Weekly Logs’ under the icon in the banner. To really see it in action, register yourself as a teacher, login and create a class, add yourself as a student in the class, and do some work.

Free Unlimited Trial: 4/1-6/30, 2023

Click the ‘instructor registration’ button above to start your instructor account. Login and set up a class. You can then register as a student in that class, and really check it out from both perspectives. Then, sign up your whole class, use it as audition material for next Fall, or just offer it to your ambitious students! Find details for 2023 under the ‘payment’ tab under the icon above.

This video gives an overview of My Musicianship. More videos are available for instructors if they are logged in and go to their "how-to" page under the icon above. You have to be logged in as an instructor to see those instructor help videos.