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Instructor Registration

Please register yourself and get started for free. More information is on the payment page.

How Much Does It Cost?

$4 per student, $50 minimum

policy effect 7/01/22

Subscriptions run an academic year(8/1-7/1) unless by other arrangement.

Promotional, reduced use, and sliding-scale packages available. If your student count is over by 10% of what you paid, we probably won't bug you about it. If you are significantly over what you pay for, we will contact you and see if you need to pay more, or see if you need to clean up your account- remove duplicate registrations, dropped students, etc.
email for any needed clarification or more information.

Are there any other cost?

The instructor account is included with the setup costs. The site works on mobile devices without the need of downloading an app.

Who Pays?

The instructor pays for the student accounts with check or electronic payment (paypal, venmo, etc), or using your JWPepper account

What happens if I don’t pay?

After a two weeks of actively using MyMusicianship, you will receive an email with an invoice. You will have up to a month to pay the invoice or contact us to work out payment. If we don’t receive any communication within a week, we will suspend your account, and you will get a notice if you try to log-in. You will have a month to contact us before student work is permanently deleted.

Can I Pay Now?

Sure! pay here using paypal, credit card, or Venmo. To send money directly through Venmo, send to user @mymusicianship and look for my name, Jeff Morton.

Email to be emailed an invoice, before or after paying.